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Medium Duty Service Doors

Rolled Steel 6200 Medium Duty Service Door

Series 6200
Medium Duty Service Doors

Loading dock and material handling locations demand a street-tough rolling service door that represents an exceptional value at a moderate price.

The Model 6241 utilizes aggressive, yet innovative design approaches to deliver sensible, high performance features that meet these demands.

• Standard sized commercial 2-1/2” interlocking flat slats in 24-gauge steel are hot-dipped galvanized, pre-painted in gray and white, and maintain high security with lighter weight and reduced cost.
• Cast iron, malleable endlocks exceed industry expectations for performance and wear in a light industrial door.
• Structural steel three-angle guides utilize integral bell mouths, curtain stops and Quick-Release guide angles for higher security, maximum durability, faster installation times and no-hassle, simplified repair requirements.
• Repairs are quickly and inexpensively expedited with common, readily available components.
• Full-sized headplates provides a solid platform for chain hoist or motor operation.
• Half-hexagonal formed hoods, pre-finished in white, deliver superior structural rigidity and high aesthetic appeal.
• Heavy-duty, 3.5:1 chain hoists install quickly and provide a fine balance between operator effort and cycling speed.
• Security is enhanced with plated slide locks for manual operation, or a chain keeper suitable for padlocking for chain hoist operation.
Value is enhanced by building real time performance expectations into time proven, reduced cost designs.
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